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A few Roman Recipe sites....
The Antique Roman Dishes Collection (food not pottery Smile )
Apician Recipes
Roman Recipes of the Upper Classes.
I DO NOT fancy 1000 Larks tongues at all..... :x cry:
Roman Toast I am having for brekfast..... :wink:
The Hoplite Association
The enemy is less likely to get wind of an advance of cavalry, if the orders for march were passed from mouth to mouth rather than announced by voice of herald, or public notice. Xenophon
A few more:

A Taste of the Ancient World museum exhibit ... /Food.html

Ancient Roman Technology - Food ... /food.html

Bread - 2 Recipes

Dining with the Romans

Herbs According to Apicius

Recipes for a Day at the Baths from NOVA ... cipes.html

Recipes of Apicius ... kbook.html

Roman Food and Drink from Osprey Publishing

Aurelia Coritana
aka Laura Sweet

Si vales, gaudeo. (If you are well, then I am happy.)
Thank you both! These are all going into my historical notes AND my personal cookbook. ;-) )
Lucius (Ryan)
Montani Semper Liberi

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