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Martin / ummos1501 - Submission
Thanks for the nomination, Jasper, an honor in itself for me :-) )

Here is a little bronze container that was used either for make-up or medical purposes.

It is from the museum in Heidelberg, Germany and at the moment displayed in the Landesausstellung in Stuttgart. When I made it, it had just been included in the Heidelberg displays and was not yet properly published - and as I had to guess its measures, I made it about 10% larger than the original :-( ( .

It is handmade, with modern tools, though no machines were used. The semi-sphere is hand-driven (right word?) from the baseplate, not soldered on. The decoration plate is also hand-driven with small punches (the thing is so small I had to make my own punches for it).

It is published by now (with measurements ...), but I am still looking my copy of it. Time to get my mountains of copies sorted ...


Here is another picture of it ...

Here is the reference on the original:

Andreas Hensen, Renate Ludwig. Straße ins Jenseits. Die römischen Gräberfelder von Heidelberg. 2005

Thanks for reminding me, Caius!

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