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My first object.

[Image: mia.jpg]


It's a gladius founded at the river Rhin near Mainz.

It's from the axel Guttmann's collection. You can see the original object at the useful page of the LEGIO VI: [url:3liwxon7][/url]

I have maked both the sword and the scabbard. Sword blade was made by a local armourer: Mr Antonio Prades. It has the typical rhomboidal section. The grip is a cow's bone (metapodia) and guard and pommel are from a hard wood.

To make the plates and chape of the scabbard i have used brass, like the original. I don't want to tin or silver coat the metal, because original ones seems to be unsilvered/untined.

Decorative patterns (Mars, Victoria, etc)are made with a chisel and a jeweler's saw. I don't want to use a dremel tool.

I have to put the suspension bands, the original ones was missed. I have made it with some rods and hammering/annealing work.

The scabbard are made with thin wood with a red tanned leather cover.

It's my favorite sword.

I'll post more things of my equipment next times. I don't have good photos of most of my things.

Thanks for the nomination
Other items made by avitianus:

Pugio scabbard and grip decrations: ... ail&id=195

Belt apron: ... ail&id=197

The belt plates: ... ail&id=198
[Image: 120px-Septimani_seniores_shield_pattern.svg.png] [Image: Estalada.gif]
Ivan Perelló
[size=150:iu1l6t4o]Credo in Spatham, Corvus sum bellorum[/size]
[Image: cingulumjpg.JPG]

That cingulum are based in an near complete set of 4 apron founded at a grave in Aznalcazar (Sevilla, Spain).

You can find the original ones at: Joaquin Aurrecoechea Fernández
"Apron fittings from Flavian times found in Spain" JRMES, 9, 1998, 37-44

Another one, practically identical was founded at Caerleon: M.C. Bishop, "Early imperial apron", JRMES, 3, 1992, Fig. 16, 97.

Are made of a 1 mm plate of brass cutted with a jeweller's saw and then punched to make the floral decoration. Very dificult was to do the rivetting with that very little nails!
Another things i have made are my lorica squamata, based in scales founded in a lot of military sites, and manica, based in the Bishop's work (probably brass were better than iron... :oops: )

[Image: IMGP2848.jpg]

You can see too the gladius and the apron...
I have made too some of the Faventianus equipment, and another Late roman things:


[Image: 2005archeongermanica15.jpg]

III century Sword and baldric :

[Image: 2005archeon33.jpg]

And the Galla Placidia's jewellry.


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