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Jackie Leech
I just heard that Jackie Leech has died following a long illness (she was one of the main driving forces behind Chester's Roman festival).

She was an outstanding woman, a real character and I believe that lovely ancient city is certainly poorer without her.

She was a keen conservationist as well as being passionate about history and had done a lot to protect the swans on Chester's river.

Earlier this year we had the honour of marching with the 8th, 14th, Vicus, Chester City Guard (Roman Tours) and archaeologist Tony Wilmott to carry Jackie on an imperial litter around the city she had done so much for.

She wanted to walk, but it took a full century of fellow walkers (Romans and Celts) to pursuade this lovely lady to stay on the litter and receive the tribute of being carried that she deserved.

We will miss her.

Our thoughts turn also to Paul Harston (Chester Roman Tours and festival organiser) and his crew who were very close friends of hers.

Dan & all in Britannia.

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