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Pilum Colettes
Avete omnes!

I was just looking at the wonderful collection of artifact images on the Exploratio website and came across this picture of three Pilum colettes: [Image: pilumcolettes3wz.jpg]

and I was surprised by the projections at the corners- it makes them look like the battlements of a castle- does anyone know what their purpose was?


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Looks like decoration Matt...given the collette's function and it's position I can't see it being anything but that...unless it was to facilitate the breaking or bending of the iron shaft somehow.
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Perhaps these are ones that were never used, and the intent was to heat them, mount them, then tamp the points down inward to provide... I dunno, stability? Or so the collet doesn't work loose easily in trainig (some of mine already have, and I don't put a fraction of the use on it the Romans would have).


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