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Which of the budget gladii is most durable?
Hello all,

I am in the market for a gladius which I intend to use for target cutting. 

As it is not specifically for re-enactment it doesn't need to be entirely historical, however I would like to stay away from completely ahistorical offerings (tacticool gladii machetes need not apply!)

I notice that there are many low-end and high-end gladii, but there isn't really a middle market as far as I can see for those looking for a budget-conscious option that straddles the line between historical accuracy and functionality.

I have heard both good and bad regarding Deepeeka offerings, but I understand that there's some concern regarding durability of the tang.
Specifically I have read that they are not heat treated and therefore susceptible to breakage, but have never seen evidence documented. 
Having never owned one,  the jury is still out as far as I am concerned and I would like to hear opinions & experiences.

I have been looking specifically at the Deepeeka Fulham (Catalog AH2010) but have not actually gone ahead with buying one because of the concerns regarding durability.

The criteria:
-Able to be used on targets (Such as Tatami)
-Budget Conscious ( around $200 )
-Not completely ahistorical (No Cold Steel machetes)
-Doesn't necessarily need a scabbard

so the question - does anything exist which fits the bill?

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