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The Damned Eighth
As alluded to in my introductory post, I am writing a novel set during Caesar's campaign of Gaul.  The novel, tentatively titled The Damned Eighth, centers on, as you may have guessed, the Eighth legion.  More specifically, on that legions most senior centurion.

The book is a combination of historical fiction and fantasy as the Eighth encounter a particularly dangerous druid that takes exception to Rome's invasion of Gallic lands and uses the power of the Gods to combat the legions and attempt to throw them out.  I'm trying to get it to be historical fiction with fantasy elements, rather than a fantasy book set in ancient times, but only time will tell if I have the balance right.

The reason I have to come to RAT is for help/advice/criticism.   Things I need help with include but aren't limited to:

Latin words/spellings
Legion make-up/composition
General feedback/criticism/praise on the book and story

I want the book to be as historically accurate as possible with regards to the legion and the weapons and equipment used at the time, along with the correct ranks and personnel that made up the legion.  Obviously, as there are fantasy elements in the story, parts of the book will be entirely fictional and I am going to use a lot of 'artistic license' when it comes to locations and the descriptions of Gallic towns/cities, although being accurate where I can be.

I will attach the first chapter of The Damned Eighth to this post as a Word document (moderator: if that is not allowed, please tell me the best way to post it) for your perusal.  If you choose to read it and feel like helping me out, don't hold back with feedback.  If something is wrong/inaccurate/rubbish let me know.  Conversely, praise and positive feedback is also welcome.



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