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Imperator Rome strategy game soo confusing
I don't know if this is just me, but has anyone played the Imperator Rome strategy game and get overwhelmed at the start with how complex it is? 
I am used to the total war franchise, and that is like snakes and ladders compared to this. Plus they dont even give a very good tutorial.
I tried Crusader Kings 2 when it went free to play, and my experience was the same, so I suspect it's standard fare for the Grand Strategy titles of Paradox to be all kinds of confusing for new players. I've not picked the game up since, maybe some day I will try to sink in all the info the game leaves you with. Big Grin
Joona Vuoristo
Me too - I tried it but wept like a baby from the complexity. My advice? Binge on youtube tutorials which go into greater depth.
Francis Hagan

The Barcarii
It is common for Paradox games. I have started Europa Universalis 3 and it was already complex. But I have found Hearts of Iron 2 and Victoria even worse from this point of view Smile
No experience with Imperator Rome.
- CaesarAugustus
(Marco Parente)

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