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Photo resource thread: artillery reconstructions
I was searching the forums for a thread like this but hadn't been able to find one so I thought I'd make one. The idea is to post reasonably good quality photos of your own or your group's artillery reconstructions, either complete pieces or projects still In the works, images from events and shows, images of accessories like bolts and stones and other equipment and so on. Pics and information of anything related to ancient artillery reconstructions is welcome. I've searched the internet for any quality, interesting images on this topic but they are very hard to come by and usually very old and thus of poor quality. There are of course myriad of academic papers and illustrations online but good quality ones are a rare find with these as well and I'd really prefer photos of working engines to see how others have gone about solving the same issues in these reconstructions. 

Image attachements or links to other websites hosting the images work well. Any information on the engine(s) in question is also much appreciated.

Edit: here's a link to my image file containing some progress photos of my current metal frame ballista project:
Juuso Laasonen

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