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A city's Pomerium
Ave Civitas,

I understand that some cities had a Pomerium and it extended beyond the original city walls.
I believe that Rome was not the only city with a pomerium.

I am imagining the ciy limits and the pomerium limits to be similar to the German Stadtkreis and Landkreis.
My question is:

If some cities had the pomerium, was there a restriction on which cities had them?
How far beyond the city  proper would the pomeriuim extend?
I assume that there were unincorporated lands between one city's pomerium and another city's pomerium?

Then I know there were imperial lands controlled by bureaus in the capitols.  but what about the unincorporated lands that did not fall under the city or the emperor.  They must have fallen under someone's jurisdiction.  Would that be the provincial governor's authority that encompassed the unincorporated lands or were there smaller governmental offices within the province?

Thank you all in advance
AKA Tom Chelmowski

Historiae Eruditere (if that is proper Latin)

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