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Recommendations for armorers who can work in bronze?

I'm looking to put together a bronze Greek panoply of my own. I put a deposit for commission for helmet, cuirass, and graves with a highly-regarded custom armorer, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, work on my commission had to stop. I now have a gorgeous but half-completed bronze cuirass, but I have no greaves and no helmet.

What are some of the better custom armorers that are in business these days? I am really only interested in custom work. I've purchased some  mass-produced stuff and found that it never really fits right. (Doesn't help that my head's a bit on the big side!) I perused but found the more interesting leads now turn up broken links, hence why I'm asking here...

Thanks in advance! I've lurked here for a while and have admired your kits and dedication to accuracy. I'm eager to take my position in the phalanx.
Jeff Hildebrandt is probably the best but he has a long waiting list.
Author: Bronze Age Military Equipment, Pen & Sword Books

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