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Hello everybody,
while studying the Parthians for a project, I found out a really good book which I kindly advise if anything because of the cost...
It´s Parthicus from Michael Donohue, sold on Amazon for less than 1 € (Kindle version). I am loving it because of the not commonly known described events, the main character in the person of the great Publius Ventidius Bassus (and not only because he came from my province in Italy) and the true-to-history context which for once shows that it´s possible to marry good noveling with didactics.
It´s really like reading a history treaty made adventureous... Think that the only mistake I have noticed is the use of the adverb "frankly" in a time before the Franks...

Claudio Magnatti
Titus Clodius Picens

P.S. I must add that there are indeed errors in the book... I mean grammatical errors... and a lot. But you can move on anyway.

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