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Opinions on Deepeeka Italo-Corinthian helmet
Hey all, I want to get a Corinthian helmet just as a display piece and I wanted to know your thoughts on the brass Deepeeka Italo-Corinthian AH6058B.

[Image: Casque_corinthien_grec_HL1012.jpg]

Matthew Amt's hoplite page says it's "decent" but I wanted to get some more opinions on it. Am I better off spending double the money on a DSC corinthian helmet?

I have no problem with this helmet if that's all you can afford, but consider all the benefits of a better shaped BRONZE DSC Corinthian as a display. Folks will be drawn to ask questions about this object once they notice it. Saying a helmet is "bronze" will lead to "what is bronze?" That will lead to where did the ancients get  their copper and more interestingly where did they get their TIN. TIN was not readily available in Mainland Greece in large enough quantities to satisfy all the demand so a discussion of the impacts of "supply and demand" and how "demand" drives both technological innovation and exploration of new lands that have the raw materials to satisfy that "demand." You could perhaps mention that eventually the "supply" of bronze was unable to meet the "demand" and perhaps this was one catalyst, of many, for the creation of new methods of working with IRON to make it more available at lower cost than BRONZE, as IRON was was available in large quantities in and around Greece. Perhaps too much bronze was being used to make more profitable civilian items so sword makers needed a substitute material to make marketable weapons? You could mention how the search for and control of raw materials drew the Phoenicians out of edge of the Eastern Mediterranean towards the West and how that sparked the creation of Carthage and the many wars for control of the raw materials and trade routes to get those raw and finished materials to markets. This is often why Modern Wars are waged so a linkage can be drawn. With that Brass helmet, although well shaped, you can't really discuss all this. Although Brass was known in Ancient Greece it was not a "strategic material" and to my knowledge no Corinthian helmet has been found made of brass. Whatever decision you make please don't get a metal "300" Helmet, yes it looks very cool but it's a 100% a Hollywood creation.
Joe Balmos
That was my first "starter" helmet. It was ok. The cheek pieces are a little long. The helmet is pretty big. I had to customize my arming cap to get a good fit. People with bigger heads tend to like it because they can get it on their heads. I would save my money and get the better bronze DSC helmet. But that's me. I got tired of replacing inferior/inaccurate equipment because I was impatient.
Cheryl Boeckmann

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