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A list of each Roman helmets date?
Hello there,

I just wondered if somebody ever made a listing of all roman helmets there are and also at which time period they were used?
I tried to search for it as this is something many people can have profit from. So I thought this must be done by somebody already.

I especially look for everything between 175 a.d. - 225 a.d.

I recently read the Fischer book and after reading about a Theilenhofen Weisenau helmet that might be used till 200 a.d. I got curious. After googleing I found out that it looks like the Hebron helmet. After looking further a few sites state that it might be used around 200 a.d. as well.

Still need to look for that evidence though so my Mentor will finally give up and let us also use this helmet.

Best wishes


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