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Teutoburg Forest Resources
Hello, community!

I am going to be working on a graphic novel project later this year on the Teutoburg Forest massacre, and I am looking for the best sources for research.  I know there are a number of books on the subject, so recommendations would be welcome.  Also, any websites or other sources on the archaeological evidence would be incredibly helpful. 

I am really looking for what the Roman army would have looked like.  I know it was something of a transition period from the Caesarean/Augustan look to what would become the classic Imperial Legionary.  I have heard that Lorica Segmentata was found at Teutoburg, but if it was, it was not widely issued yet, as it would be later in the century.  

Any help with the Germanic Tribes of the time would also be welcome.

Thanks for the help!
Daniel DeVargas
Gelu I.

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