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Getting towards a Byzantine impression in the Netherlands,

As some might know i am (slowly) working onwards to a simple 9th / 10th century Byzantine impression of a traveller annex civilian, however not really in “the open” yet.
In the meantime my wife have joined the interest so got even more clothing to research and make.

While working on the impression several questions do come up as i am not familiar in the “older” regions of re-enacment / living history.
I am, however, not a stranger in the hobby with almost 20 years 20th century impressions and countless events.
Maybe someone could answer some of my questions or direct me more in the right direction.

The returning questions are, what is the best moment to get out in the open and present myself at an event.
What materials are usefull at that to show a good basic impression that is taken seriously.

And are there any specific do’s and don’ts in this region of re-enactment that are usefull to know?

I am located in the Netherlands, so most of the events we will attend will be in the Netherlands.

Thank you so much for your comments,

Kind regards,

Sjoerd van de Wal

Sounds interesting Sjoerd.

A bit too late for us (4-5th c.) but otherwise I'd say, come to the Late Roman Event in August!
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
Thank you Robert,

The Late Roman event is allready in my agenda.

My interest are a kind of a niche i'm afraid :-)
Most activities in the 9th and 10th century seems to be Viking/Norman related, so that could be getting rather interesting.



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