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Roman Days June 7-8
ROMAN DAYS-- A display of ancient military and domestic living history<br>
Salvete Omnes!<br>
The fifth annual Roman Days will be on June 7-8, 2003. It is hosted by the Twentieth Legion and will be held at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Representatives from the Gallic provinces will also be invited, plus any Greeks, Sumerians, Ice Men, etc., that turn up, but naturally the emphasis will be on Rome. Not just military reenactors, but civilians, teachers, wargamers--if you have any interest in ancient history, please come! Be a participant or just come and talk to everyone about our mutual passion. You do NOT need to have period clothing to participate!<br>
Come one, come all! Let me know how you'd like to participate, or if you wouldn't mind just manning a table for a while. Or just show up and hang out!<br>
Unit leaders, please let me know if you are coming, so that we can arrange the space. So far I have heard from Legio XXX in Canada (4 soldiers planning to attend) and Legio I Italica in Atlanta (probably 2 men), not to mention a couple legionaries and half a dozen gladiators from Legio XXIV and over a dozen folks from Legio XX.<br>
There is more information on the Roman Days page of the Twentieth Legion Website, <br>
--Arrive and set up on Friday, or Saturday morning. You may camp at the site Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.<br>
--Open to the public c. 10 AM to 4 PM Saturday and Sunday, admission $4 for adults and $2 for students age 4-18. No fee for participants or merchants.<br>
--Activities include tactical and marching demonstrations, gladiatorial combat, a fashion show, the Kiddy Cohort (teaching younger recruits to march with cardboard shields), and more.<br>
Plenty of space for displays, parking, period or modern camping, etc. Water, portapotties, straw, firewood. There will be a number of canopies/pop-up flies for shade or rain protection, mostly for the merchants and table displays. There are a number of hotels within a few miles, mainly on Rt. 450 near the Beltway.<br>
Merlinia of Settmour Swamp is offering a food plan for participants, including breakfasts and a feast on Saturday evening for $15 per person. If you would like to partake, she needs your name, Roman name, and check by June 1; send it to: J.W.Shaver, 147 Franklin Ave., Maplewood, N.J. 07040 (email [email protected] ). Participants who are not active members of Legio XX should plan on supplying their own lunches, although there will be a modern food vendor present. There are stores, restaurants, and fast food places within a couple miles, farther west/north along Rt. 193, or near the Beltway.<br>
Besides the usual military camps and Asellina's Caupona, there will be educational displays with maps, models, etc., a couple merchants and craftspersons, Bean the Barbarian, and more. If you have any ideas or activities to add, please sing out! (Augury? Law court skit? MUSIC?)<br>
Marietta Mansion is located at 5626 Bell Station Road, just off Rt. 193. From I-95/495, the Capital Beltway, take Exit 20 onto Rt. 450 East, go 4 miles, turn left on Rt. 193, then left onto Bell Station Rd. and immediately left into Marietta. (Rt. 450 makes a left turn where it meets Rt. 704, but it's well marked and should cause no problems.)<br>
More information can be sent if necessary, and I need to know what YOU want to do! Contact me with your questions and input:<br>
Matthew Amt (Quintus)<br>
317 Carroll Ave.<br>
Laurel, MD 20707<br>
[email protected] <br> <br>
Susan Wolfe, the site manager at Marietta, can be reached at 301-464-5291, [email protected] <br>
Roman Days are here again,<br>
The Roman folks can cheer again,<br>
And practice with their spear again,<br>
Roman Days are here again!<br>
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?

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