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Your preferred rust/ steel cleaner

I purchased a suit of steel segmentata almost 2 years ago. I recently cleaned it during the Super Bowl! Big Grin  and shined it up quite nicely. I used a simple steel cleaner I purchased from the local grocery store. In addition, I use Brasso for the brass fittings on the armor. I as curious what other products more experienced veterans might use (or other cleaning suggestions/tips as well).

I have my suit of armor on display in my living room. I am considering buying a thin vinyl jacket to place over it to keep dust down- like one might do with a suit or dress. I was also considering positioning it near the window where it would be in direct sunlight to keep it a little drier.

Thank you

I'm also looking for recommendations on scrubbing materials- I used dry rags but am having a challenging time cleaning off some of the rust. I have used the soft end of a sponge to better effect.

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