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FOG 15mm Mid Republican Legions
Hey guys, got a question on basing. For my 15mm Mid Republican Roman Army(late Punic-2nd Macedonian War) where would the standards for each legion be? For the sake of presentation, should I do a banner/standard for the Velite, one for Hastati, one for Princepii, and one for Triarii? And would the standard be situated next to the man with the Buccina? And likewise would they be next to a Centurion, or senior centurion?
If it matters I am choosing to do each legion as 2 units of 4 bases each of Hastatii, Princepii, with Velite and Triarii being one unit each. 
This is actually for a game called Mortem el Gloriam, but it uses basing very similar to FOG.
Thanks alot!
The standard bearer would likely be stationed in or near the front rank, next to the centurion, who was responsible for it. The centurion would either be in the front right rank of the century, or possibly in the middle. I believe the standard bearer would be behind to the left of the centurion, who would be able to protect the open right side of the signifer (who also had a smaller buckler/parma with less protection than the average soldier).

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