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Magazines and publications
Rather shamelessly copied from David Meadow's Exploratorium<br>
here is a beginning of a listing of publications on the ancients. Since this is a civilian list, the range of publications available is much larger than for the military:<br>
Ancient Egypt Magazine:<br><br>
Antiquity 77 (March 2003):<br> (TOC only)<br>
Arethusa 36.1 (Winter 2003):<br> (abstracts/MUSE)<br>
Bulletin of the History of Medicine 77.1 (Spring 2003)<br><br>
Cambridge Archaeological Journal 12.2 (October 2002):<br> (abstracts)<br>
Classical Quarterly 52.2 (December 2002):<br> (TOCS and claimed abstracts)<br>
Greece and Rome 50.1 (April 2003):<br> (TOCS and claimed abstracts)<br>
Kadmos 41 (2002):<br> (TOC)<br>
Minerva (May/June 2003):<br> (scroll down for the new content)<br>
Mnemosyne 56.2 (March 2003):<br><br>
Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 13 (2002):<br> (TOC/abstracts)<br>
TAPA 131.1-2 (Autumn, 2002):<br><br>
(abstracts/MUSE) <p></p><i></i>
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?

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