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Official, imperial documents.
I'm newbie in this aspect and in fact I have no idea where to look for, if there is something to find at all.

My question is, do we have any texts of somekind of imperial documents?
By documents I mean some texts where X is appointed for some office or X is rewarded for service for empire etc.

Do we have something like this?
Dear Damian

epigraphic of the roman empire is in itself a separate science, we have lots of documents mostly inscriptions, but also papyri or ostraca, from this period, we have the military diplomata and so on. There is a wealth of information out there, we can follow sometimes individuals from time to time in different provinces and different posts, not ONLY the big names but also rather insignificant individuals.

if you look at CIL = Latin Inscriptions Corpus you will find lots of inscriptions that permit us to have a look through the roman society as a whole, emperors, senators, cavaliers, sellers, beggars even slaves have left over their footprints for us.

Coser to your questions would me the RMD (roman Military Diplomas) where individuals are freed from the army getting their rewards.
Gelu I.
You might find this helpful:
Michael King Macdona

And do as adversaries do in law, -
Strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends.
(The Taming of the Shrew: Act 1, Scene 2)
Also this one, which contains translations of all sorts of Roman official documents:

Roman Civilisation Sourcebook

There are often cheap copies around, and it's well worth the money!

The inscription of Marsianus from Bulla Regia might give us an idea of the text of an imperial codicil, or letter of appointment. Here it is, from Millar's Rome, the Greek World and the East:

Marsianus Inscription
Nathan Ross

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