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Phalanx warfare: Closing of the ranks
Quote:Whether something is "a good idea" or not is often the basis for speculation about aspects of ancient warfare, but this is just bad methodology, without evidence ( and AFIK there is none for a 'sub-armalis' at this time). Have you considered that  since a Greek or Roman soldier spent most of his time doing laborious work such as marching or digging, and that  he might be in battle maybe once in a campaign, that wearing a thick, heavy jerkin in the heat of a Mediterranean summer campaigning season might be a very bad idea?

 there are mentions of Felt treated with winegar being used as body protection, so its hardly something impossible for Romans or Greeks to use.. plus, it didnt had to be in a shape of a complete tunic, just simple sleeveless "shirt" would most likely suffice. And then needs to be said that no matter the weather body protection was been used anyway,  medieval infantry wore a lot more than Ancient one under same or even worse (Holy Land) conditions...

but back to the topic, originally i was more interested in actual battle speeds, at which Greeks would adopt their formation, move towards enemy and charge. Would be interesting to know if Macedonic Phalanx was faster or slower in actual battles (i would assume faster), and how it would compare to Roman Maniples in much looser formation.
Jaroslav Jakubov

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