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Phalanx warfare: Closing of the ranks
Quote:Thracian cavalry corselet is a Tube-and-Yoke one made from 3 mm thick leather, re-inforced with scales ( in this case all over, making it the most expensive kind). This is a well known armour principle c.f. ‘face hardened steel’ used on armoured vehicles. The ‘hardened’ material provides the initial resistance, backed up by the bulk of the defence, here the leather, just like on armoured vehicles with ‘face hardened’ steel armour.
This is metal armour. The leather simply provides a substrate to hold the plates together. This leather is so thin that you can stick a pencil through it with little effort. If you want to twist definitions this wildly then we may as well claim that the Roman segmentata is made of leather because of the strapping holding the plates together.
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