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Phalanx warfare: Closing of the ranks
Quote:The third man can reach an enemy that is shield to shield with his own first rank. That is with these spears that are slightly over two meters long. It is possible that the rear weighted spears were preferred by the rear rankers and as described in the Hellenistic manuals, it was common that many gave longer spears to the rear rankers to make more of them reach the enemy. Again it is not specified wether they talk only about pike phalanxes or also the Hoplite ones.

question is how much "area awareness" of your surrounding(to the back) you need while fighting with the spear.. Of course, if you concentrate not have spear in that position its fine.. question is, if you can keep that awareness during heat of battle.. You might have to do some lateral hits against enemy to the left or right, and with the spear at the height of own head, chance hitting own men in third rank would be an issue.  That's why i think 2rank fight, remaining support is the most workable way with those spears..
Jaroslav Jakubov

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