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Phalanx warfare: Closing of the ranks
Quote:Armed like this, what would you do if a) your spear broke (and was balanced exactly wrong to bring the sauroter to bear by the way), or b) you were hoplessly out classed as a spear-fencer?

Question actually is, how would a rear rank know my spear is broken, or i'm outclassed at spear fencing.. because whole push would have to be initiated from rear rank. Unless Othismos was actually something performed by first rank, while other ranks moved in support.. but then it has to be the first rank that dictates the movement, not the rear rank (which would have no clue what front rank is doing if formation is  over 8 ranks deep) i assume. plus, commanders were typically in the front rank, therefore i would guess they would be the one deciding.

Also, in regards to sword fighting - if I have to overcome the enemy spear hitting from above to get over my shield, i would rather be able to rise my shield to block such spear and get under it, then close the distance, so i could use my sword while his spear point is already behind, or deflected by my shield. This way i could chose which part i would attack with the sword, but most likely  i would go down, and try to cut the femoral artery on enemy leg, than going up and thrust the sword into his upper torso.
Yet, to do that, i would rather not have somebody behind me pushing me into my back, but instead would want to have some space so i could chose the pacing of that attack. Having somebody behind pushing me in my back with his shield would just make me a bit ineffective with the sword which actually requires some space to operate.
Jaroslav Jakubov

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