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Phalanx warfare: Closing of the ranks
but my point is - if we assume you use spear overhand to get over shield, then you have a means to attack approaching men.. so its quite natural for them want to be outside of your lethal reach.. truth to be told, i dont really care what some ancient greek historian wrote, if it actually doesnt have sense from military perspective, as these men could not even have any military experience.

Look at it from battle perspective - two lines, both equipped same way, with the same weapons and tactics. Why would it end up with the pushing match exactly? what would be the tactical gain from getting so close to the enemy, practically through the effective reach of his spears? I would understand this, if it gave some advantage, like for example opening a hole so men could pour in and and attack enemy from back, or similar.. but pushing shield to shield, just to gain few meters of ground? Why would that resolve anything? Lets not forget that even Hoplite battles usually ended up with one side routed and running away from battlefield. So how exactly would that occur with the pushing match?

And let me explain - i'm looking for answers, not attacking your theory. I just want to find clear military purpose behind this..
Jaroslav Jakubov

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