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Phalanx warfare: Closing of the ranks
I'll be bringing the blog back once the book comes out. So much of the info I worked on for the blog is now in the book. Many of the things we used to conjecture about, I now have some real evidence for. As Giannis said, and you always believed, the "follow the leader" drills, like doubling and laconian counter marches are really easy. You would have to believe the Greeks to be rank incompetents to not be able to double by simply knowing the man when they stood behind. I, a Greek who is close to rank incompetent at military drill, did this with 10 min instruction.

I got verbal consent to use the tests we did an images from them for the book, but I did not for posting any of it online in another format. I did not know if there were official plans for use of the video, but I can surely post it along with explanation of what we did and why. I have great video of a charge of two ranks where I trip over my own sandal strap. Not sure if that will make it online ever, but it did show that the man behind me did not simply fall over me. In fact he just stopped and went around me.

How the hell did I end up a Tiro?  I seem to have been broken in the ranks.

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