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Presenting to you: Rise of the Foederati (5th Century)
Hello there. I'm the creator of the indie game Rise of the Foederati, currently under development. A large part of the research and sources for this historical game was taken from RomanArmyTalk, as well as several key members of the community. The game is most probably one of the most historically accurate representations of the 5th century in a standalone game (I don't want to take that away from mods, though; some of those are very very accurate). If anything needs to be discussed about historical integrity of this work, I'd really love to engage in discussion here or in any kind of media.

Hey! Glad to see you're finally kicking this off.
Hello, gentlemen. We are on Steam Greenlight. If you're interested in playing as one of the 34 great tribes of the 5th century, make sure to give us a thumbs-up. There's a 5-minute gameplay video for you to check how are battles being fought.
This is a small interview done to explain a little about the game, for those who want to check it out.

Hello gentlemen. I'm here to officially announce the kickstarter campaign to you guys. There's a free demo download which you can use to try out the game.

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