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So I have tried to make a modern version of passum.

Modern becasue I based on semi-sweet wines to see how it will work so later I can decide if I need white or red grapes for must and for the whole process of making wine, plus season for grapes is not not here so there arent good grapes for wine avaible right now for me.

Once the grapes will be avaible, I will make must from them and make whole process for a 100% accurate passum.

This is what I have achieved. It's REALLY sweet. I mean, you can drink it by 10-15ml with really small gulps becasue otherwise you won't stand for long Big Grin

[Image: 13433186_1197106666986697_2247943124198033676_o.jpg]

[Image: 13423766_1197108700319827_74616998246598...e=57CF0F9E]

[Image: 13435511_1197109100319787_88589469922848...e=5805F381]

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