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Ueken (CH): Sizeable coin-hoard found
...... a farmer from Ueken/Fricktal (CH) has spotted a sizeable coin-Depot of 4166 coins in a mole-heap. (~15 kg)
It consists of both coins from silver- and silvered bronze coins that are as good as newly struck.
They have been minted under Aurelian,Tacitus,Probus,Carinus, Diocletianus and Maximianus.
The source I'm referring to (  -- 2 pics included--- more pics here: ; another one: ) states that the "youngest" coin has been struck in 294.
A year ago another hoard of ca. 200 Piece had been found not too far ago.
The finding spot ist also not too far away from Frick, a place where a sizeable Roman vicus has been spotted and excavated.
Frick lies at a route southward into Inner Switzerland, therefore serving as possible route for incursions and invasions. (i.e. Bözberg-Route).
Even more important so as it lies dead-in-the.-middle of two larger Roman garrisons at Augst and Windisch.
The settlement shows traces of destruction, which can be roughly dated into the third quarter of the 3rd century AD.
The inhabitants of these area seemed to have chosen the Wittnauer Horn as their Resort in These times.
Chances are that the battle of Windisch when Constantius The Great stopped dead a major Allemannic Invasion in 298AD took place not too far away. Constantius Magnus however also seemed to have taken care that a minor military post was established.
This was given up around 348-350, with the Wittnauer Horn fortified again as a hilltop resort.
Valentinian then finally established a larger but still small fortification at Fricks Kirchhügel (church hill) .
Hope this was interesting to you


Siggi K.

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