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ONUS! Rome Vs Carthage: a new wargame
Greetings friend,

I would like to introduce you the game ONUS! Rome Vs Carthage. ONUS is a tactical wargame with a card driven mechanic. The  order cards may be used to activate units, or as event to be used in combat. Further to it, units are cards instead of minis or counters. It was released one year ago, and it is a bestseller in Spain where the 1st edition has sold out.

[Image: expansiones-portada1.jpg]

ONUS contains 90 unit cards so each player may build its own army. They are  distributed in 3 decks: Roman units, Carthaginian units and Mercenary units that may be used in both sides. Along with the unit cards, there are 72 Orders/Event cards, more than 100 counters, 2 rulers and 4 d6.

[Image: expansion-fortalezas-EN.jpg]

Now its publisher Draco Ideas has launched a Kickstarter campaign to be able to produce it in English, adding 2 expansion packs to the game, everything will be available both in English and Spanish: ONUS! Rome Vs Carthage, ONUS! Greeks & Persians, and ONUS! Scenery & Fortresses.

Please, visit its Kickstarter... we are sure you'll like it!

ONUS! Rome Vs Carthage Kickstarter

In order to give you an idea about the game you can compare it with Command & Colors Ancients, but blocks are replaced by cards, order cards may be used in different ways (as combat events), but ONUS has many other options like change formation, expand lines, etc...  and combat as you can see at the cards have more stats!!

If you have any question, I'll try to answer you. I have take part in the game design, mainly in solitaire rules, campaign rules and maps/ playmat designs.

I hope you like it and you find it interesting!

Best regards,

Jose Manuel
Greetings friends!!

We have news from you. A new stretch goal has been unlocked: Persian War Chariots and General Regulus has arrived to ONUS!

Further to it we have added 2 playmats. You just need to add them as an add on on your pledges and enjoy ONUS! a bit more.

[Image: add-on-playmat-EN.jpg]

It is 75x75cm (29.5x29.5in). It doesn´t wrinkle, it is waterproof, it can be folded...

We hope to unlock soon the new SG: including in the Greeks & Persians expansion the general Mardonius and 3 cards of Cretan Archers within the mercenaries. Mardonius was a good commander in Darius I army. He fought close to Xerxes in the Persian Wars when invading Greece.

[Image: nueva-carta-dromedarios-EN.jpg]

[Image: nueva-carta-honderos-EN.jpg]

[Image: nueva-carta-hoplitas-EN.jpg]

Thank you for your support!!

Best regards,

Jose Manuel
Greetings friends,

As requested by several backers we are going to add a new add-on. 6 Armies Deck Boxes. The add-on price is 9$ for the set of 6 boxes. These deck boxes are 92x20x67mm (5.9x0.8x2.6"). They are big enough to contain our army units with or with no plastic cover. They will come in layers so they are not damaged during shipping. All you will have to do is fold them. If you remove the base game inlay that comes with the box you can have the 6 deck boxes inside and the rest of the components as well.

[Image: add-on-cajas-deck.jpg]

We have 1 new unit just designed: The Peripolos. They are mercenaries. A light infantry unit, skirmishers, and with javelins. Young soldiers, with high morale and life values that were seen quite often fighting along the Greeks as special forces or securing the borders.

[Image: nueva-carta-peripolos-EN.jpg]

We update you about the new 34000$ SG and the new social Stretch Goal to unlock Alexander the Great and 2x Macedonian Companions Cavalry!

[Image: stretch-goal-34000-EN.jpg]

This SG will be unlocked when we reach 300 likes in and this post is shared 200 times

THANKS for sharing it!!!

[Image: stretch-goal-FACEBOOK-EN.jpg]

[Image: nueva-carta-carros-EN.jpg]

Best regards,

Jose Manuel
This is not a Roman Army expansion pack... but anyway perhaps you like it too.

Here you have Persians & Greeks cover:

[Image: expansion-GyP02-portada.jpg]

The last week of the KS is coming... and there are a lot of surprises waiting for you!

Best regards,

Jose Manuel
Greetings friends!!

This project will be live just for some more hours. We made an effort to give you a new SG as many people is asking for it.

We want to give freedom to Spartacus, so he can command a slaves and gladiators army, to fight against the Romans and be able to get to the north of Italy and achieve his freedom!

[Image: stretch-goal-50000-EN.jpg]

We will help him with a new mercenary unit, the Cimbri Warriors, Germanic soldiers that fought against the Romans. Many of them were captured and enslaved. Spartacus will be able to lead Gauls, Germanics, civilians and Iberians. He will have a special skill to be able to surprise Romans. The campaign will have at least 4 scenarios.

We depict the Sparabaras archers (4x). They are Persian troops with the accuracy skill. They were usually helped by spearmen so they could shoot easily to the enemy.

[Image: nueva-carta-Sparabaras--EN.jpg]

Best regards,

Jose Manuel
Dear Jose, I think you have made enough advertising by now? Wink
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]

Best regards,

Jose Manuel

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