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Ancient Ghosts
Salvete omnes! Halloween is fast approaching, and most people (including the Greeks and Romans) enjoy a good ghost story. So, what are some ancient ghost stories that y'all know and enjoy?

John F.
One of my favorite ghost stories was recorded by Pliny the Younger.

It clearly influenced many writers, with common elements recurring in countless stories, books, TV sows, and movies.
Steve in WA

Pone hic aliqua ingeniosum.
In German is a book published with Ancient Ghost Stories:

Cornelius Hartz
"Antike mit Biss - Die schaurigsten Geschichten von Homer bis Horaz"
Verlag Philipp von Zabern 2013, 128 Pages
14,99 EUR

One of my friends brought this book to a camp and was reading stories from it at night. And the story linked above is included in that book. I liked it because of it's nice ending, that the ghost came finally to peace. It reminded me of Victorian ghost stories.

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