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Anyone know where to find this Corinthian?
I've emailed DSC from their website, but I'm not too hopeful as they don't seem to have updated their site since 2009.

It's still there on Kult of Athena, so I have some hope, but the market for cheap, quality Greek helmets seems to be nonexistent - just look at Kult of Athena's section of medieval helmets. Not everything there is great, but much of it is usable and cheap.

I'm not looking for a Manning Imperial-quality helmet. Is there such thing as a $200 Corinthian helmet, or one where the horsehair won't fall out if you store the helmet upside down and it's made of tissue paper? Tell me if I'm being silly.

(If I posted this on the wrong section, let me know - the Marketplace forum seems to have very few visitors.)
I had no problem dealing with DSC directly. Just ask for a better price for shipping as it starts quite high.

[email protected]
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How does one ship across the pond? I live in the northeastern US.

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