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early roman army (servian reform) in battle
I have tried to remake early roman army (servian reform) in real numbers and with historical equipment, using total war software and some mods.
Nice rendering.  However, they were all in Phalanx, not in several formations.  The best armored to the front the less armored to the rear.  The headcount would make up the leves armed with slings and javelins.  Also, I'm also interested as to why Gorgon heads as your shield emblem.  Romans would likely use a wolf, (The Greeks referred to Rome as the Wolf of the North) and the image of the she-wolf suckling the divinely fathered twins Romulus and Remus became an iconic representation of the city and its founding legend.  

Another possibility is if the state provided the shields the graphic RomA (RA) would be used as the emblem.
Neat! Have to wonder if those Villanova culture helmets would still be around though ;-)

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine

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