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Aventine Miniatures
I have been painting 'toy soldiers' for over 40 years (for a job for a few years with Games Workshop) and have just returned to the hobby after a break. I had already had several hundred EIR Foundry foot figures (I was going to do a whole legion) so I wanted some cavalry. I saw Aventine Miniatures discussed on here and decided to try them out and I must say that I am EXTREMELY impressed, they are by far the best 28 mm figures I have ever seen. The cavalry figures are exactly the right size and are beautifully detailed and, as far as I can tell, historically accurate. Obviously a lot of research has been done. The foot soldiers are a bit taller than my other figures though and look a bit 'lanky'.

I am now doing small units (between 10 and 80) representative of the formations attested (six Legions and auxiliary units) or alleged (like VIII AVG) to have been stationed in Britain. When I have figured out how to take and post photos, I will do if anyone is interested.

Absolutely agree, if you want late romans footsore miniatures / musketeer miniatures are THE best.
Damian Laurence Zamprogno
I would definitely be interested in seeing your photos!
Nate Hanawalt

"Bonum commune communitatis"

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