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One Piece Corinthian Helmet by Matt Lukes
This was not a commission for me, rather Matt was experimenting with various processes on the weekends that he would need to learn to make one of these in case anyone wanted one. It turned out so well I decided to make it mine. Note that the nasal guard sides are turned to give it more strength and the appearance of thickness.








You can learn more about this helmet here:

Also note the new Marathon helmet!

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Joe Balmos
Beautifully crafted!!
Sven Tuonela
Joe, that is absolutely a gorgeous helmet! The proportions are spot on.
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]
Very Nicely done :wink:

"And the four bare walls stand on the seashore. a wreck a skeleton a monument of that instability and vicissitude to which all things human are subject. Not a dwelling within sight, and the farm labourer, and curious traveller, are the only persons that ever visit the scene where once so many thousands were congregated." T.Lewin 1867
Aww, geee. Thats nice.
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Titus Flavius Germanus
Batavian Coh I
Byron Angel
I am particularly impressed by those edge treatments. Nice acquisition, Joe!
All my acquisitions, like this helmet, are for use by the public when they visit the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Although a reproduction it can still teach the visitors, especially kids, quite a bit as they will probably never handle an authentic ancient helmet artifact.


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Joe Balmos

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