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Kaustic Plastik - 1:6 Roman Gladiators
Hi guys!!
We are proud to announce The Kaustic Plastik SECOND ANNIVERSARY Edition box!
Only 400 pieces LIMITED EDITION!

This set will be a triple pack set!!!
Inside you will find all the accessories to build 3 different Gladiators!
Myrmillo - Thraex - Hoplomachus

All the items are based on the items of Museum of Naples (Pompeii items)

We will start the pre-orders soon!! Hurry up, because we will release this set at the end of November!!!

This is the list of items inside (yes.. it's a GIANT and heavy box)

Size of the figure: 30 Cm (Scale 1:6)

- Muscle Body KP03
- 3 Headsculpts (2 Headsculpt are the re-release of our very first headsculpts!!)
- Myrmillo Helmet (REAL METAL)
- Thraex/Hoplomachus Helmet (REAL METAL)
- 2 Arms Padding
- Leather Balteus/Belt
- Large Scutum/Shield
- Medium Scutum/Shield
- Small Parmula/ Rounded Shield (REAL METAL)
- Leg Long Greaves/Armor x2 (REAL METAL)
- Leg Greave/Armor Myrmillo version (REAL METAL)
- Leg/Shin Padding
- Subligaculum/Loin cloth
- Gladius/Sword (REAL METAL)
- Sica/ Curved Sword (REAL METAL)
- Long Lance (REAL METAL)
- Dagger (REAL METAL)
- Padded Arm Manica x2
- Leather Arm Manica (right arm)

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-1.jpg]


[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-2.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-3.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-4.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-5.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-6.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-7.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-8.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-9.jpg]


[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-10.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-11.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-12.jpg]


[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-13.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-14.jpg]

[SIZE="3"]Myrmillo Helm[/SIZE]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-15.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-16.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-17.jpg]

[SIZE="5"]Thraex /Hoplomachus Helm[/SIZE]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-18.jpg]

[Image: gladiator1kp04-set2-19.jpg]

Feedback and questions are very welcome!!!!!

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