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Minecraft Roman serious RP server - Bello Civili
Ave fellow gaming enthusiasts. I've come across a few posts wondering about ancient themed roleplaying games, things of such nature. Well, I'm proudly going to present to you a community I've come across called Respublica, a RP server, Roman texture pack, set during the Civil War between Caesar and Pompey. The Roleplay is somewhat casual, but I've been pushing to appease some of the reenactors who are there, a few of them being from Lafe.

[Image: jUyH1qM.jpg]

I look forward to seeing some of you there!

When applying for a whitelist, tell them Fowler sent you.
Cool! I saw one on Minecraft Planet of a full sized Rome... In Minecraft! It looked awesome. They must take forever to build but they are epic when done. Cool Good work!
Regards, Jason
Yeah they're usually hosted by Stugace who made the Romecraft texture pack. I never really got into his servers though, the RP aspect isn't that fun IMO.

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