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How do you pad your Corinthian helmet?
How are you guys lining and padding your helmets? Even with arming caps I would suspect there is a fair amount of movement. Can you post pictures on how you have done this and/or attached lining of padding?
Read this:
Christian K.

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[Image: BannerAER-1-1.jpg]
At the risk of offending purists, let me suggest you purchase replacement padding for an Army Kevlar helmet. The padding is easy to install, provides comfort and a good fit, cannot be seen while wearing the helmet, and is inexpensive.

Publius Quinctius Petrus Augustinus
(aka Pierre A. Kleff, Jr.)
Petrus Augustinus
That is what I use for a number of helmets and it works perfectly as the pads are so easily adjustable. They are also easy to clean.
Joe Balmos
Where do you get them?
Pecunia non olet
Last time I bought a few sets there were many dozens for sale on Ebay, and cheap.

Make sure you get all the parts, not just the pads.
Joe Balmos

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