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Corinthian helmets that are in stock
I am having a difficult the time finding DSC Bronze Corinthian A or B helmets in stock here in the USA. Everywhere I look have them backordered with not ETA on when they will have them in. Does anyone have insight or know of anyone who has them in?
I am sorry you never received a reply to your inquiry, though for what you seek I think it is just as well, because unfortunately I don't believe there are any type A corinthians sold within the United States that I'm aware of.

I can recommend this site at the least []. the price, (from Euro to USD) is very close to what you'd get for the same kind from, say, KultOfAthena. And I can personally vouch for the shipping, from Germany to the US, in being very fast. I got my helmet within a week. They don't have many left though, only about 4 in stock the last I checked.
Just email DSC directly....cheaper. Just make sure you ask for the best shipping price because they have the tendency to inflate it. I ordered my bronze Corinthian from them with no issues at all.
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