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Elite 1st century warrior burial, N. Bersted
A while ago, we discussed the 1st century BC warrior grave found at North Bersted, West Sussex with some odd military grave goods - possibly a helmet , possibly a shield covering. In my archaeology lecture tonight, we went over this one- which is still unpublished. The man, buried in the early 1st century BC, was of Mediterranean origin ( on the isotope analysis) . The open work metal work turns out to be an Etruscan style crested helmet- normally dated far earlier- which was buried with him. This is currently undergoing conservation, and will eventually be displayed in Chichester museum, Sussex. So was he a diplomat- a military scout- an early explorer- or what? Earlier details here
[Image: wip2_r1_c1-1-1.jpg] [Image: Comitatuslogo3.jpg]

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Maybe he was shipwrecked while trying to discover Ultima Thule. :unsure:
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(06-04-2014, 04:54 AM)Alanus Wrote: Maybe he was shipwrecked while trying to discover Ultima Thule.  :unsure:

Apologies for the thread necromancy but the helmet has now been restored:


What a stylish headdress!

Jens Horstkotte
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