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i have seen 300 movie, in this movie spartan used a spartan sword
so i was very inspired of this sword, while i think this sword historically
wrong, so please remove my doubt that this sword is right or wrong.

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It's not wrong, it's an aberration. If you are seeking to make historically accurate products (maybe you aren't), stop copying movie props and look for info in good books, papers and museum catalogs.
Eduardo Vázquez
Hi Sajid,

Do you intend to focus on movie replicas or historical ones? For a movie replica I would say this one is a start, the main question in my mind is whether you can sell it at a price that makes it worthwhile for movie fans to buy it instead of a licensed replica. From a historical standpoint, the movie swords had only a nodding relationship with real ones to begin with, so if you want to market to reenactors and history buffs, you need to do what Eduardo says.
Dan D'Silva

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