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Reconstructing the Roman Empire in Minecraft!
Well many of you know I'm an avid gamer, and I always bring Ancient Rome to what I do in the virtual reality. One of my favorite games is minecraft, and I always build Roman-themed or Roman stuff.

So I'm currently putting together a variety of Roman builds, ranging from ships to aqueducts to walls to houses, and will be posting them here.

So with this OP are a 9th Century Roman Dromon and a Late Roman Liburnian (I used a 2nd Century model as it was the latest I could find).

[Image: 7ma3Bg1.png]

[Image: FEJ0Gmx.png]

[Image: Ao0COuu.png]

[Image: 6nYzJGK.png]

[Image: U7zFQ6p.png]

[Image: RBeKYF2.png]

[Image: jOPGaCD.png]

[Image: HcwFW3q.png]

The texturepack is Romecraft Germania 15.

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