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What helmet should I buy?
Good morning, all! I haven't posted here since Jenny still ran the former nick was "TheCaesarionSection"

I'll raise this thread from the dead because I'm wondering if Deepeeka has any plans on correcting those god forsaken circular helmet bowls, with respect to their Imperial Gallic line (with the exception of the Imp. Gallic A). Has all further development of this line concluded?

The 1.5" gap between temple and rim has ALWAYS bothered me- ALOT. Doesn't seem to bother folks around here a great deal, though  - "just tape a little more padding around your head, and you're good to go..." or "place it on its side and bust a WWF-style diving elbow drop on it..."

It looks bad. I mean really bad...

Would such an alteration to the helmet bowls to bring them a bit more anatomical, at the manufacturing level, really be that burdensome and financially unfeasible? 

-Regards, David Mitchell
               Vacaville, CA
Regards, David
David, I share your concern. I would have bought several Deepeeka roman helmets if the bowl would have been more oval. It is not just an aesthetic thing, a good fitting helmet just sits better on the head when you move and it also "feels" correct. I know there are many authentic examples of round helmet bowls but there are also many examples of anatomically correct ones. Beats me. Sad
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]
Yeah, spun bowls would probably be round, but there's exceptions to every rule. It's just the ear guards on Roman helmets must be there for a reason. Kinda like GM cars...they're not putting one damn thing on their vehicles (or spending one red penny) unless there's a practical use for it.

I don't want to beat it to death, but it seems to me that Deepeeka is doing something right with their  Gallic A (my favorite from them)...

1. Take the Gallic A bowl
2. hack it into a Gallic-whatsis
3. Drink champagne

Hmm, garage mod opportunity I suppose...

Thanks Virilis, David
Regards, David

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