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Marching camps for small detachments
Quote:Where you estimate 15-18 men at the Limestone corner camp is just about the amount of troops it would take to operate a signal station, which is a thought I have had about this camp in particular for some time now for indeed that is just what it may well have been and there is very good evidence to suggest this.
Sorry, Brian, I don't follow your argument. Are you saying the camp is a signal station or that there is a signal station nearby?

Mike Bishop
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The camp is what I consider to be the accomodation for the troops who manned the signal station on the top of Walwick Fell, and it is the reason for not only the unusual configuration of Hadrian's Wall at this point but also why the ditch north of the wall was never completed and the Roman engineers moved exactly one mile west and put their fort at Procolitia instead of destroying a signal complex.

There is also that there is a Roman road that pre-dates the wall and runs just to the west of the fort of Procolitia , and it may also answer the question of just why the shrine of Coventina is the only Romano British shrine in Britian that has a western doorway and this structure itself may even pre-date the wall and fort.
Brian Stobbs
There is another situation very similar to the camp at Limestone Corner and how wall structures had to make strange detours and here again it relates to a signal station. This is where further east and to the south east of the fort of Onnum ( Halton Chesters ) there is yet another small camp, however here there is a difference where the Vallum makes such a detour around another signal station on the east side of the Proto Dere Street and both of these signal stations would pre-date Hadrian's Wall. Then when the wall was built both of these signal stations were replaced by milecastles near to these places that would possibly continue with the same function as viewing points.
Brian Stobbs
Hello Gents,
Now I am out of my territory here but....a small Signal Station was found in Dorset, ESE of Dorchester near Hardys' Monument used assumedly for contact between the as yet undiscovered Fort at Dorchester in Dorset and the LEG II base at Waddon Hill...Re Bill Putnam, Roman Dorset 2007.....this site is stated as to be comparable to the site Robin Hoods Butt, I know not of this site but I am sure you gents are well aware of this site., Part of the signalling chain to Bewcastle on the Wall.
Also the two signalling stations on the North Exemoor coast....not utilised at the same time...were probably built by a unit Cohort strength over a couple of months to enable the occupants of a Century to operate as shown by excavations by Lady Fox, not sure of refs or the date sorry. My point is that a Century in consolidated defences took 10 times the men to construct open to corrections and or suggestions.
From the South West

I'm not sure but can I take it that what your saying is where 10 men are in residence it may have taken so many more to have built and established these camps. This may well be correct for I am sure that where the Roman army established itself in an area it would not only have to build accomodation, but they would also have to create a signal and intelligence network.

This is indeed what I refer to with many small camps in the wall area that have been considered as accomodation for troops building the wall, which for smaller ones is not exactly the case for when we look at the topography of an area it becomes a bit more clear just what they are and there is in many cases a more permanent and larger fort or establishment to be protected.
Brian Stobbs

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