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Cheers! (or even gayolá!)
Time to put your drinking caps on as I explore what some auxiliaries may have been drinking on Hadrian's Wall (and I don't mean Newkie Brown). Your round, Jasper...

Mike Bishop
You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles

Blogging, tweeting, and mapping Hadrian\'s Wall... because it\'s there
It's true. The Cohors Primae Cornoviorum at Pons Aelius were particularly keen on scrumpy. Confusedilly:
Nathan Ross
I do know that good old scrumpy comes from apples at that coates cums up from Somerset but a very old friend of mine, who used to always be out in the countryside walking old Roman roads would often tell me where he used to find loads of wild Goose berries along these routes.
Then where we learn that the Romans would thin out their vino ration with vinegar I do wonder did they also have a use for these little green berries.
Brian Stobbs

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