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Late roman knife
Avete omnes

It is a myreproduction of a late roman knife,the scabbard plate is in bronze,the handle in bone.



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PierPaolo siercovich
Very nice! :-)
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]
Francis Hagan

The Barcarii
Lovely work Smile . How late is the knife and can you tell us anymore about the find upon which it is based?
Marc Byrne
Nice knife! Did you actually find an original scabard plate that is as flat as that? All those I have come across are more pronounced. See e.g.
Avete omnes

The plate of the scabbard is from Vindonissa but I don't know exactly the datation.Martin your reproduction is really lovely!

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PierPaolo siercovich

the Gemllianus scabbards may start in the late 2nd century AD, certainly in the 3rd. For a detailed discussion of the dating and lots of detail pictures and drawings etc. see:
Berger, Ludwig. Durchbrochene Messerfutteral-Beschläge (Thekenbeschläge) aus Augusta Raurica. Ein Beitrag zur provinzial-römischen Ornamentik. Forschungen in Augst 32, 2002.
These ornaments are quite frequent in the 3rd century. Sadly, we don't know, if they survived into the 4th century, or how they were attached (the 2 rings-on one side thing is speculation).
Kis György Márk (by western standards, György Márk Kis)

Legio Leonum Valentiniani

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