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Making a helmet crest
and republic plume feather for miles.

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aka Jos Cremers
member of CORBVLO
Here are a couple of rough sketches to show how I have been making crests for helmets for many years now, this is where one can make a thinner wood frame by only drilling one row of holes down the centre of the crest but only taking the holes down 10 to 15 mm depth.
The width of this type of crest box only needs be 20 to 25 mm so that the stagger of the holes make for a closer position and more tighter hair in the crest.

The other two sets of hair tufts are held in grooves cut in the side of the wood block, these grooves are marked out accurate as shown from the base line of the curve. This is where after drilling the centre row of holes one cuts the grooves with a junior hacksaw in a V shape as shown. Then these are filed out to curves with a rat tail file taking the depth below the 180 degree depth so that when the two rows of side tufts are glued in they are clear to allow thin ply to be applied to the sides of the block that creates the finished crest box.


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Brian Stobbs

About feathers
- The first image is the one I used to make my centurio crest. It has 64 feathers, if I am not wrong, placed in two parallel rows. If I found some pics I'll show them
- For the republican period the system I used for the legionary helmet is different They are vulture feathers.


Sorry, the image resolution is low but I don't have more photos now.

About horse hair
The only experience I have working with horse hair is making a greek crest for my corintian helmet and the method was different. I made a kind sandwich box gluing the hair between the wood pieces. At the botton there was a solid wood to fix the crest to the helmet. To copy the helmet curve I used an adjustable profile gauge. Really useful.


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Asociación Cultural Hispania Romana

Asociación de Recreación Histórica “ATHENEA PRÓMAKHOS”
Here is a crest made by the method I have shown in the earlier drawings this one belongs to one of our illustrious members here on RAT, and also a feathered type ( one of the much better ones that I have ever seen ) made by another one of our honoured members here on RAT.


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Brian Stobbs

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