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Subligaculum pattern assistance...
I recently started making a subligaculum, using a prototype of a simple hourglass with ties on the sides...I really wish I'd Googled it first though, because midway though I found this:

Subligaculum pattern...

which looks much better. I still have enough linen handy to try it, however I'm having issues deciphering the pattern even using Babelfish to translate the Spanish. The measurement of C seems simple enough: "C is the value of the waist". They lost me at M though: " the value of the amount M pants (long leg lariat toral less crotch). The measures we have taken up the same pattern loincloth for this drawing.". Also, they show a measurement involving K (2M + K/3 + K24), but it's not explained what K is or where they came up with it.

I know my waist size so I can do that much, however I don't understand where they want you to measure for M, and the significance of K. Any ideas?

-Cave a sinistra manu utebatur pro bellator.
Wow....87 views (Let's be fair and call it 80 - I'm sure I've looked at it a few times), a month later and not one person had a single bit of advice to offer. Thanks guys. :neutral:

That being said, I completed it last night (The entire process took about five or six days - I haven't had much time to work on it recently). Hand-stitching was a bit of a pain, but I drew out the pattern based on my best estimate and trimed a couple of inches here and added a few inches there until I had a workable pattern. The sizing for the posterior is...okay. It looks a little funny, but since everyone's body isn't the same I'm not surprised it won't fit 100%

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-Cave a sinistra manu utebatur pro bellator.
Try the Roman Combat Sports forum. There have been discussions of the subligaculum there.
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Hello Ryan.

The sad fact is, as none survive any attempt at re-construction is purely a matter of speculation. The hour glass shape pattern is also used in 'The World of Roman Costume' by J. Sebesta and L. Bonfante.

If it fits and you are happy with it that is the main thing.

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Also, as far as we see in Gladiator iconography, the shape or pattern of the Subligaculum changed during the centuries.
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