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Looking for images and,info on kopis hilts
Anyone have any solid information or,pictures of these?

All Greco-Macedonian kopis hilts that are shown in contemporary illustrations have common elements. The hilt was always asymmetrical, unlike that of the xiphos, the guard projected downwards only, towards the cutting edge of the blade, protecting the fingers but there was no projection to cover the base of the thumb or upper wrist. The pommel also curved in the direction of the cutting edge in a sort of volute-shape, this makes sense as the downward curve of the pommel would prevent the loss of the weapon when making a cut using the wrist to power it. The asymmetry of the pommel would also allow the wrist greater rotation, as a xiphos-type pommel would dig into the wrist earlier when making a cutting motion.

Fac me cocleario vomere!
That seems to fit with the images of original blades that I've seen quite well,of course that's logical.
Thank you.

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